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Established in 1990
"Listen! Your Watchmen lift up their voices..Isaiah 52:8
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"And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it."
    - Isaiah 2:2

Our Listeners Speak

Some of the Letters Received Over the Years from Our Listeners and Workers

China - "I am a listener from the province of Guangxi. We can receive your program pretty good here...I heard that you offer some gospel material. I would like to have a copy to read..."

China - "I want to request a free Bible...." (Beijing)

Nepal - "I am a regular listener of your program and I like it so much. I sit with my family and listen to it. We all like this program and I do believe and hope that thousands of listeners are getting spiritual blessing from this program. I and my family have received many spiritual blessings, inspiration and encouragement from this program along with the encouragement on how to grow on the Lord's way. We thank you and we believe that the forthcoming programs will be more encouraging to us."

Bangladesh -  "I am from Bangladesh working in Saudi Arabia last 5 years. For the last one year I have been a listener to your program. At this time I have night duty. So, before your program starts I sit down with my radio to listen to your Bangla program. As I have been hearing your program for the last one year, your program has changed my life. Now I want to read the Bible and listen to the songs. Please help me to know more. I am waiting for the Bible and song cassette. Looking forward to hearing from you."

Bangladesh - "This is the first time I heard your program. I can see that I need to hear this message again and again to change my life. Yes, I need more the fear of God in my life. I know something is missing in my life but was not sure what it was until I heard your program. Please send me the books so I can learn more about God."

India - Punjabi Language - (From our coworker) - "I am getting good response from the nearby churches as well as from the local vicinity."

Adja (West Africa) - (From our coworker) - "After the installation of the program in Benin we have had many testimonies from the listeners of their spiritual progress in several areas. The populations of Benin, Togo and Ghana who listen and speak the 'Adja" language have the favorable occasion to turn on their radio every Saturday from 8:45 PM to 9 PM on our frequency to listen to the Gospel coming from Christ. Many people who are listening to the program transmissions are strengthened, change their behavior and mind and confess the name of our Lord. They do so because they happen to hear in their proper language the message of God."

Adja (West Africa) - "It is a great joy to start listening to the evangelical programs of your ministry in my proper language. I am strengthened to listen to them and I would like you to pray for me so that all the family may be saved after listening to your messages of God on the radio."

Adja (West Africa) - "I am a vehicle's spare parts seller living in Lome the capital of Togo. We listen to your programs every Saturday. I would like to have an appointment with you so that we can together go and bring the Gospel to my brothers in the village because they need it."

Luganda (Uganda, East Africa) - (From our coworker) - "The program is so good. People have liked it. Some pastors say this program has blessed and encouraged them in their ministries. To others it is like a Bible school. They are telling me to keep it up."

Hindi (India) - , "...We are every evening listening to your program. This program we feel is very good. Please send us a Bible, Christian literature...We want more information about your radio station and about Jesus Christ..."

Tamil (India) -  "Thank you for broadcasting the gospel in our language, Tamil, through Bible Voice Radio. I have been listening to your program since March 1, 2008. Thank you so much and send some literature also for us to know Christ better."

Telugu (India) - "I have been listening to your radio programs since June 21, 2007. I came to know Jesus Christ for the first time."

Telugu (India) - "I am praying for your radio programs. They are a great blessing to the people like me who doesn't have a television. Thank you for the programs."

Telugu (India) - "Sir why Jesus is only God make it clear in your next program please.".

Cebuano (Philippines) - (From our coworker) - "Just when I came back from the mountain I was able to read the messages on my cellphone. Three of our listeners to our radio program responded, but most of them have questions that need time for explanation. So, I informed them that I will answer their questions next week during our radio broadcast."

Cebuano (Philippines) - (From our coworker) - "Last week, we had a Bible study in the mountains which was very successful. In the mountains we don't conduct door to door evangelism. It is not the way the gospel is preached there. We would first make a contact and then set a specific time to meet...So, this is how our radio ministry helps us. Through it we can freely preach the gospel apart from any restraints. We keep on praying that our broadcast will continue and that more people of God will support your ministry."

Nepali (Nepal) - "The Voice of Salvation program has changed many people's lives. I live in a remote place. I have to walk three days to reach my house. We do not have a church nearby our home. So to worship our Lord I listen to all of Radio Shepherd's Christian programs. Among all the Christian programs, the one I like the most is the Voice of Salvation program."

Russia (Russian) - "I truly enjoyed listening to your last radio message. But when I heard it I also felt some fear. Why fear? The answer is simple. I felt as if you spoke about me. You see, I have a university degree, I speak English fluently and know how to operate a computer. But I don't know God and I don't read the Bible. Before your programs I didn't realize that my situation was so serious. I always thought tha only mentally-ill people read the Scriptures. Please help me to figure out this issue."

Benin, West Africa (French) - "I would like to thank you for your broadcast. During a broadcast at the end when you said to have faith in Christ, I decided to give my life to Jesus. I would like to ask you for some help in order to grow in faith with the Lord. Thank you."

"For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."
       -  Habakkuk 2:14