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More Radio Missionaries

The following are speakers on our daily radio broadcast to China, Good News for the Word:
Lillian Petrie, Liping Wang, Terri Wen, Carol Yeh, and Jenny Zhang

The following serve as translators and script writers for our China daily program:
Felix Hsieh and Kate Kam

The following serve as announcers on our China programs:
Peggy Anderson and Susan Dodson

The following serve as announcers on our English programs:
Andy Anderson and David Shult

The following are other speakers on our radio broadcasts in India:
David Masih - Punjabi
Pastor Prasad - Hindi
Pastor Dhana Shikar - Tamil

Other speakers in Asia:
Brother Barun - Bangla (Bangladesh)
Brother Jamil - Urdu (Pakistan)
Brother Lee - Korean (N. and S. Korea)
(Full names not used due to security purposes)

There are other radio missionaries working on new languages which have not yet been put on the air. These missionaries are in India, Africa, and Asia.

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